Rhône-Alpes Tourisme

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Hugues Beesau, Director (Hugues.Beesau[at]rhonealpes-tourisme.com)

Regional Tourism Agency of Rhône-Alpes region. Located in the southeast of France, Rhône-Alpes benefits from its position at the intersection of Europe. Sharing borders with Switzerland and Italy, Rhône-Alpes is fast becoming an essential European destination. Moreover, it is the second-largest region in metropolitan France in terms of area, economy and population. Known for some of the largest skiing destinations in the world, Rhône-Alpes boasts the majority of French ski resorts as well as natural resources like Mont-Blanc.


PROSNOW intends to deliver an operational snow falls and snow level seasonal forecast service for winter tourism professionals in the French Alpine area. This service is currently under development.