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Ghislain Dubois (dubois.ghislain[at]tec-conseil.com)

TEC is an international consulting agency that specializes in engineering and managing sustainable development. Our individuality lies in: 

  • our expertise in climate issues and policies (mitigation, adaptation strategies, climate services),
  • our command of evaluation methods,
  • our knowledge of public policy,
  • our commitment to sustainable development and protecting the environment.

TEC's activities are primarily centred around strategic land planning, prior to the commencement of operations in development projects. With our ability to skillfully navigate between consultancy and research, we provide our clients with in-depth and innovative analyses, constant monitoring of emerging trends in the tourism market, and operational support at all steps of the project.

TEC as a stakeholder expert that can ensure the involvement of the stakeholders and help to the coordination of the PROSNOW prototype.


PROSNOW intends to deliver an operational snow falls and snow level seasonal forecast service for winter tourism professionals in the French Alpine area. This service is currently under development.