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Long name: 
Snow falls and snow level seasonal forecast system for ski resorts in the French Alpine area
Short name: 
Winter tourism
Ghislain Dubois (dubois.ghislain[at]tec-conseil.com)

The service prototype PROSNOW intends to deliver an operational system of seasonal forecasting of snowfall probabilities, and an evolving model of snow cover in the Alps.

The type of information provided by PROSNOW must take into account utility to tourism stakeholders and actual capabilities in scientific and technical terms.

Consequently, the service focuses on the following actions:

  • Providing initial information as to whether a winter signal exists, then providing information could be provided on initial temperature and precipitation trends.
  • Monitoring one-month outlooks for meteorological parameters for the duration of the season.
  • Identifying the trend with respect to snow cover evolution for the winter holidays and end-of-season period, taking into account ski area management activities.
  • Identifying the temperature trend for the end of the season.

Ultimately, this service must make it possible for professionals to adopt a coherent, shared and clear stance on seasonal climate forecasts. For example, messages must be adjusted in years with clear forecasts as opposed to years with unclear forecasts.


PROSNOW intends to deliver an operational snow falls and snow level seasonal forecast service for winter tourism professionals in the French Alpine area. This service is currently under development.