Risks assessed

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Tourism stakeholders must adopt a clear and coherent communication strategy to reassure customers and attract visitors. Using fluctuating scientific data, they must attempt to provide the media with answers. Their understanding and interpretation of information supplied by forecasters determines what the general public actually understands, which has varying and sometimes counterproductive results.

Most of a resort’s turnover is generated during the winter season, in particular the French school holiday periods: two weeks at Christmas and four weeks in February and March. In one of these weeks, a resort earns 9% of its annual turnover.
Visitor numbers during these weeks are therefore a major concern for most socio-economic stakeholders.

In recent decades, considerable progress has been made in managing ski areas. Ski trails can now be kept open with three times less accumulated snowfall than before.
Climate information is essential for managing ski areas. It has an impact on financial performance, through the optimisation of operating costs, which depend on effectively managing human resources, maintenance vehicle fleets and snow machines.


PROSNOW intends to deliver an operational snow falls and snow level seasonal forecast service for winter tourism professionals in the French Alpine area. This service is currently under development.